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If you need custom functions or appearance, such as an open-framed, wall-mounted, panel-mounted, digital signage, kiosk, portrait mode, etc, please feel free to contact us. We can design for you for free.

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What’s the applications of large touch screen monitor?

Compared with small monitor, an important advantage of large touch screen monitor is it has a giant display screen. There are plenty of occasions need a big display screen so that there are more people can see what’s displayed on the screen, such as the class room, conference room, shopping mall, etc.

As an interactive device, it has been made into many kinds of common products, for example the interactive white board, table, kiosk, etc. The interactive white board is used in the classroom. The large touch table can be used to play games or drawing. The kiosk can be used in the shopping mall to guide the customers.

How to mount the big touch screen monitor?

For a finished big touch screen monitor, the most commonly used mount methods have a wall mount and mounting on a metal shelf. For a wall mount, a bracket is essential. You just need to use the drilling machine to punch four holes in the wall to install the bracket, then hang up the monitor to the bracket.

Different from the wall mount, it’s also available to place the large touch screen computer monitor on the floor. In that case, a metal shelf with wheels will be sent with the product to you. What you need is to DIY the shelf, then mount the monitor on it.

Apart from these, some device is a kind of plug-and-play product. They consist of large touch displays, and control boards, encloses with a stand and other parts. The encloses can be as tall as a human and all the parts are installed in the encloses. You don’t need to do anything with the large monitor, just place the encloses on the floor and connect the machines to the power to play.

For the Semi-finished devices, the mounting method can be panel mount and open-framed. Some customers need the large touchscreen display monitor as a part of their products or machines. They need to install this part in their products. In that case, the panel mount or open-framed mount is always the most popular mount method for customers.

Is the custom large touch screen monitor available?

As a manufacturer with rich experience in the display field, any kinds of large touch screen monitors are available. If you need custom products, please feel free to send your requirements to us. We can design for free. According to the experience, the followings are the main custom features of giant interactive displays that the customers need.

Custom frame: If you need a large touch screen as a part of your machine, then the mechanical size should match the requirements of the machine, such as the length, the position of the holes for screws, etc. In that case, a custom frame is essential.

Custom function: The basis of such a device is an interactive PC monitor. However, its functions can be expanded with different control boards. For example, digital signage, kiosk, and all-in-one PC are all available. A lot of parts can be assembled with this device, such as a camera, keyboard, printer, etc.

Custom touch screen: Some customers have requirements for the touch screen. Normally, the large interactive monitor uses the IR touch panel in default, because the size of the IR touch screen can be custom easily. However, the IR touch panel has a frame around the whole panel. So, if you require an absolutely flat surface for your big device, then the capacitive touch panel is the only choice. Please note that it’s better to use the capacitive panel in the device if the size is not bigger than 55”.

What’s the biggest touch screen monitor can we provide?

The biggest screen size of the LCD panel is 110 inches. That means that the largest touchscreen monitor that we can provide is 110 inches. The resolution can be 4K or 8K and the touch panel is an IR touch panel. 110-inch is a very big size for a monitor. If you really need such a big size screen, please feel free to send a message to us.

Why WARMERT’s large touch screen monitor is the best?

With more than 10-year experience in the industrial and commercial field, WARMERT has lots of advantages to provide the best large touch screen monitors for your applications. Compared with our competitors, the followings are some of our advantages.

Pretty price: Our factory is located in China and we our own factory. That means that we have lower than our competitors. That’s why we can provide a better price.

High quality: WARMERT produces the large touch screen monitors by ourselves. So, we can control every step of production. All the products will be tested several times before they are shipped out.

Free design: We have several design engineers with rich experience. When you send the detailed requirements of your projects, we will design the functions, mechanical drawings, and others for free to meet your requirements.

Other advantages: Apart from the advantages above, WARMERT has also a lot of other advantages. For example, our lead time is very fast, our services are very good, etc. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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