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Our large touchscreen monitors are more than just big screens. They bring your content to life with stunning visuals and crisp high-resolution images. Designed to fit into any space, these monitors are as versatile as they are easy to use.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Have a unique setup? Whether you need an open-framed, wall-mounted, or panel-mounted design – or even more specific products like digital signs, kiosks, or portrait mode displays – we have you covered. Reach out to discuss your requirements, and we'll design it for you at no extra cost.

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What are the uses of large touchscreen monitors?

Large touchscreen monitors are essential in settings where visibility and interaction are key. They are perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, and shopping malls. These displays can also be used as interactive whiteboards, touch tables for gaming or drawing, and kiosks to assist customers.

How can I install my large touchscreen monitor?

You can choose to wall-mount your large touchscreen monitor using a bracket and a drill to secure it.

Alternatively, if you prefer a mobile setup, we provide metal shelves with wheels that you can easily assemble and move around as needed. Certain units come with their own enclosures that include stands and all necessary components – simply set them up and plug them in.

Can I customize my large touchscreen monitor?

Yes, customization is one of our specialties. Whether you need specific frame dimensions, additional functionalities like digital signage, or particular touchscreen technologies such as capacitive touch panels for a flat surface, we can accommodate your needs. Feel free to share your specifications with us, and we'll design it for free.

What is the largest touchscreen monitor you offer?

Our largest available touchscreen monitor is 110 inches with options for 4K or 8K resolution. It uses an IR touch panel to maintain responsive interaction across its entire surface. If you're looking for a standout display, our 110-inch monitor is the way to go.

Why should I choose WARMERT's large touchscreen monitors?

With over a decade of experience in the industrial and commercial sectors, WARMERT offers significant advantages:

  • Competitive Pricing: Our in-house manufacturing in China allows us to offer better prices than our competitors.
  • Superior Quality: We oversee every production step to make sure each monitor meets our high standards and undergoes multiple quality checks before shipping.
  • Free Custom Design: Our experienced engineers are ready to customize designs to your exact needs without any additional costs.
  • Fast Service: Quick lead times and exceptional customer service are just a few other reasons to choose WARMERT.

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