Amazing transparent OLED displays and touch screen

Transparent OLED display is a stunning leap in display technology. Different from common devices, the transparent screen allows the users to not only see the content that is shown on the screen but also see through it. This outstanding feature provides a large area of brand-new space for the designers to create an unprecedented display solution.

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What is the transparent OLED display?

It is a technological upgrade based on the OLED display. OLED refers to the organic light-emitting diode that can emit light by itself. The traditional LCD screen needs to work with a bright backlight so that you can see the content on the screen as it can not emit light. However, the transparent OLED screen is made of millions of pixels and each can emit its own light separately. 

Transparent OLED opens a new field of creativity for designers. Combined with the touch screen, it can provide an interactive interface for the customers. Controlled by different types of drive boards, it can generate many popular devices, such as computer monitors, digital signage, video walls, kiosks, etc.

Custom transparent OLED display

If you need custom functions or appearance, such as a computer monitor, transparent touch screen, video wall, digital signage, etc, please feel free to contact us. We can design for you for free. Available in 30", 49“, 55" and 77".

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Available screen sizes

  • 30-inch

    Model: WT-MTOS300

    Screen size: 30"

    Display area: 676 x 387 mm

    Transparency: 43%

    Resolution: 1366x768

    View angle: 89°/89°/89°/89°

    Brightness: 350/135 nits

    Refresh Rate: 120Hz

    Download SPEC ->

  • 49-inch

    Model: WT-MTOS493

    Screen size: 49"

    Display area: 1218 x 357 mm

    Transparency: 43%

    Resolution: 1920x540

    View angle: 89°/89°/89°/89°

    Brightness: 400/150 nits

    Refresh Rate: 120Hz

    Download SPEC ->

  • 55-inch

    Model: WT-MTOS550

    Screen size: 55"

    Display area: 1209.6 x 680.4 mm

    Transparency: 40%

    Resolution: 1920x1080

    View angle: 60°/60°/60°/60°

    Brightness: 400/150 nits

    Refresh Rate: 120Hz

    Download SPEC ->

  • 77-inch

    Model: WT-MTOS770

    Screen size: 77"

    Outline Dimension: 1710.36 x 973.16 mm

    Transparency: 40%

    Resolution: 3840x2160

    View angle: 60°/60°/60°/60°

    Brightness: 600/200 nits

    Refresh Rate: 120Hz

Classic applications of the transparent OLED display

Transparent monitor

As the most classic application, the transparent OLED computer monitor can generate an amazing effect that the common PC monitor doesn't have. The frameless design and transparent feature make the whole product to be ultra high-end. Such a monitor can promote the popularity of your brand and products greatly. Connect the monitor to your computer with the HDMI, DP, or other cable, you can use it immediately. It's so convenient.

Transparent touch screen

The infrared or PCAP interactive touch overlays can be applied to the transparent OLED display to create an immersive experience. The PCAP touch screen is the most commonly used in this situation as it's ultra-thin, clear, and frameless. For 77" transparent OLED, the infrared touch overlay is the only option. Combined with the touch screen, you will see the customers interact with the content in ways you have not seen before.

Transparent digital signage

The digital signage is a trendy device to promote the products or services. one screen can be split into two or more areas to display different content. For example, one area plays the videos and another shows the products' basic introduction. Transparent OLED digital signage is commonly used in supermarkets, airports, and many other places.

Transparent video wall

Want to use a large format display screen to generate a visual impact for your project? Our available sizes contain 30", 49", 55", and 77". They all can be joined in 1xN, 2xN, etc format to create a large video wall. Combined with a touch screen, they can provide an interactive interface to the customers.

Transparent TV

To combine a digital TV box, such screens can work as the transparent TV. That means that transparent OLED can not only be used for commercial purposes but also for homely use.  The most classic product is the automatic lifting television which is controlled by an IR remote. For more details, please visit this page.


How much does the unit cost?

How much does transparent OLED cost?

The cost of the transparent OLED display is much better now than in previous years. Its price is still higher than the traditional LCD display with the same screen size, but please no worries, it is affordable and reasonable. 

Compared to the value it can bring, its cost is not a big issue. Furthermore, WARMERT is a very professional manufacturer who has our own factory. We can provide the whole solution from the design to production. Our cost is lower than others. We can guarantee a pretty price. Send a message with the form on this page, our sales team will send a quotation to you in 24 hours.

How to use the device?

How to use the transparent OLED display?

Generally, the use method is the same as the common display products for a finished device. For example, for the transparent OLED monitor, you just need to connect it to your computer with the HDMI cable or DP cable, and then it can work like other PC monitors. Very easy and convenient.

However, the key point that you have to keep in mind is that the transparency is the highest when it displays black. That means when you make the videos or pictures, you need to use a black background. This point is very different from the transparent LCD.

Normally, there is no need to worry about the format and resolutions of the videos or pictures you want to show as the controller can deal with it by itself. For instance, the resolution of the 30” transparent OLED screen is 1366x768, but the resolution of the videos can not be 1366x768. They still can be displayed.  

For the 49” transparent OLED screen, it’s better to make the videos or pictures the same with the resolution as this screen is very narrow. It’s a stretched screen with a 1920x540 resolution.

Can you make custom products?

Can you make custom transparent OLED displays?

Yes, sure. We can not only produce but also design. Our design team will work with you on all custom requirements. For the interactive function, we can provide non-touch and touch options. For the screen orientation, it can be horizontal, vertical, or other angles. 

For the enclosures or bases, there are some default enclosures for selection. However, if you want to install the display on your devices, the frameless type can also be provided. We can send the mechanical drawing of the screen with tempering glass, power supply, control board, etc to you. You will have full freedom to create unique products with the mechanical drawing. 

Furthermore, the transparent OLED screens can also be joined together to create video walls. The screen sizes we have now are 30”, 49”, 55” and 77”. They can be joined in any 1 x N, 2 x N format, etc. For instance, the automatic doors are made of two 1 x 2 55” transparent OLED screens.

Does it require a backlight?

Does the transparent OLED screen require a backlight?

No need. Such a screen is made of millions of OLED(organic light-emitting diode) pixels that can emit light by itself. Every pixel can be controlled to display a color independently. So, a transparent OLED display doesn’t require a backlight.

What’s the difference between TOLED and TLCD?

What’s the difference between TOLED and TLCD?

The display technology they use is very different. As seen on the name, the TOLED is made by the OLED technology that every pixel can emit light. However, TLCD is based on the traditional LCD display technology. This makes them have many differences.

1. Backlight

TOLED doesn't need the backlight whereas TLCD needs to work with a bright backlight so that you can see the content on the screen. Normally, in order to create the possible image, the transparent LCD requires full housing solutions.

2. Conditions

When the transparent OLED displays a black color, its transparency is the highest. However, the transparent LCD uses white color to see through it. That means you need to use the videos and pictures with black ground on transparent OLED. For a transparent LCD, you need to use videos and pictures with black ground.

3. Screen sizes

The screen sizes of TLCD can be from 5” to 100”. However, only 4 screen sizes are available for TOLED at present: 30”, 49”, 55” and 77”.

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